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New Me by Yuri-Bloodfang New Me :iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 1 0
Slow, shuffling feet move along the cracked and damp concrete of the worn sidewalk.  Neither wizened woman speaks as they approach the most inhospitable of places to anyone of sane mind.  Flashing neon signs blink various brands of beer and the deafening sound of buzz saws fills the air, guitar players ripping through their retinue with ease.
Eyes widen as the women enter the bar, making their way towards the largest of the crowds gathered within.  None accost the pair nor stand in their way as they pass.  Cigarette smoke and cheap liquor fills their noses as they plummet into the depths of a haven for lost souls.  Yet neither cares while they stand at the end of the green felt.
The eight ball falls in the chosen pocket signaling the end of the current game.  A stick of wrapped tobacco hangs loosely from the mouth of the pool shark.  Scoffing, the blue tip of the cue raps against a worn and blood-splattered sign givi
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
A Moment of Beauty
The crystal blue spans as far as the eye can see from one horizon to the other.  No clouds.  No creatures.  Wind washes over scales like water cascading over rocks hidden beneath its glassy sheen.  Black the color of the darkest onyx lazily peers across the heavens.  Large wings slowly move up before flashing down.  Higher and higher the great wurm rises as the wing beats push it closer to the home of the deities.  Solace draws the creature to this place.  A carefree existence comes to the dragon as the large blinding sun bathes this portion of the world with its radiance.
Black scales glint with a hidden opalescence, a rainbow of colors unseen beneath the clouds in the gloomy realm below.  Long ago, this world fell in a great conflict between the mortals and gods above.  Very few on either side survived.  And the resulting cataclysm pitched the world into darkness as unrelenti
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Darkness Calls
Standing at the edge
Staring into the abyss
I hear the voices behind me
Hear the words
Tormenting me
Teasing me
Destroying me
My self-worth lies in ruins
My life fails
I feel the oppression closing in
Suffocating me
Squeezing out the will to live
Pushing everything away
Making me alone
Stealing everything
My head fills with the voices
I hear the voices within me
My thoughts drowned
Lost in the cacophony
Washed away by the waves
And I break
Even my screams fail to sound
I fall from the ledge
Wind courses over my body
Darkness swallows me
Darkness claims me
The sweet embrace of eternity
It holds me
It comforts me
It takes me away from this life
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 1 0
The Dragonrider Goes To War
The wind rushes over my body.  It roars in my ears.  My hair trails behind like a banner, fluttering just before the battle begins.  The dragon cries beneath me as it carries its rider.  The beam crossbow in my hands stands ready to deal forth death.  My eyes scan the horizon as dark smoke pours up from the faraway conflict.  My fingers flex underneath the metal of my gauntlets.  My heart pounds within my chest.  "Once more to the fight we go, my old friend.  Shall this be our last hoorah?"
His voice echoes in my head, "You are too obsessed with dying, Malachi."
"How can I not?  We are the last, you and I."  Dark spots slowly grow as they dive and circle above the war.
"I wonder what griffin tastes like barbequed."
"Griffin?" I ask.  "Only one country has been able to tame those creatures."  My eyes squint and I see riders upon the backs of the flying foes.&
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 1 1
Across the Stars 4: Fight
The terran stands before the mirror in his quarters.  "Been a long time since I last wore you," he tells the reflection as he looks at the olive-drab battle-dress uniform.  The pulse sidearm rests against his right upper leg.  A machete hangs on his left.  His hand grabs the pulse rifle resting against the wall.  "Time to fight."
His boots thump against the floor plating as he walks through corridor after corridor.  Eyes watch him every step of the way as those in the marketplace see him, an armed soldier, make his way towards the holographic deck.  In through the door and past the front desk.  The clerk merely glances at the human as he passes by.  Everyone knows of the human's plan, the odds of his survival being the long shot.  Erikk's reservation stands ready and the doors open with the familiar hushed hiss of compressed air.
The bland grid of holographic emitters gives the square ro
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Across the Stars 3: Love
The terran notices a change in the atmosphere everywhere he goes.  Dislike still burns in the eyes of many he sees but more and more seem willing to, at the very least, do business with him.  Erin slipped away from his quarters long before he woke this morning.  He smiles as he remembers how rough the night was.  She fought him as the two enjoyed releasing some pent up energy yet she still succumbed to him just as she intended to.  No doubt remains about her wanting a strong male in her bed.  And the idea of taking a non-human into his bed mixes appeal and revulsion.  The different species are so erotic yet so alien.  But the argument in his head quickly gets cast away as he decides that they are females just the women from home, only different outsides.  How is it any different than the skin color of the different races of man?
Erikk finds himself standing outside the simulation deck.  
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Across the Stars 2: New Friend
The Terran bolts upright in bed, heart racing.  His head sweeps back and forth across his bedroom before his hands jump all over his chest.  "It wasn't a dream!" he yelps as he searches for any sign of the beating.  No scars.  No bruises.  No broken bones.  Nothing.  "Impossible!" he shouts as he rushes to a mirror.
"Nothing is impossible," comes a reply.  Erikk spins around and sees a dragon standing in the doorway.  The black dragon steps in and the human notes the golden tiger-like stripes on his scales.  The lizard stops by the window, staring out at the sparkling stars.  "You will find all that you know questioned while you stay here.  And find comfort in the knowledge that a friend is never far away."
"That's all nice and dandy but do you mind telling me how long I've been out of it?  That was a severe beating I took!"
The dragon chuckles, "The beating
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Across the Stars
The Terran stands at the airlock, nervous and reluctant to assume the newly created position of Intergalactic Ambassador for the Terran Alliance.  In all the years of interstellar travel, humankind never met another race.  Not until a crippled medical frigate floated into occupied territory did man no longer think he was alone.  And in less than a year, humans created trade routes and fought in three wars with aliens.  This space station is the result of all the chaos with this young Lieutenant as the sole human aboard.  The construct looks like a giant wheel.  A large central sphere serves as everything with spokes leading out to eight landing platforms spaced around it.  A final ring circles the entire structure, serving as support and holding many of the automated defense systems.
The hiss of the lock door startles the soldier and the sounds and smells of the stations quickly assail his senses.  On the o
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Tired Of Being Alone
You were so happy,
So full of life,
But it was all a lie.
Now you cause pain,
Now you cause tears,
Not caring who you hurt.
Can't you see it in her eyes?
Can't you see it in mine?
Don't you know your words hurt?
Why did this happen?
What changed?
Why did you give up?
And it tears me up inside,
To see you like this,
Knowing that you believe the lies.
And I want to hold you,
And I want to make you smile,
But you push me away.
You say you love me,
But you don't show it.
You say you never had love for me,
But how can all this be a lie?
The last eight years,
Were the happiest of your life,
Or so you said only a few months ago.
I was the man you asked God for,
But now you treat me like a stranger.
You say you want to stay friends,
But you want nothing to do with me.
And now our daughter won't let you go,
She sees the trouble,
Yet too young to understand.
“Are you happy, daddy?”
“Where's mommy going?”
She asks again and again.
Why do you not care about us?
Why do you want
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Enemies or Lovers?
I see her standing across the field of battle, smoke blowing between us from the fight.  The light glints off the blood covered metal of her katana.  My hand tightens on the hilt of my own blade.  She crouches, tail flicking.  I ready myself in a defensive stance.  She springs, her legs thrusting her high into the air, an orange blur against the overcast sky.  She crosses the field in a matter of seconds.
The sound of metal striking metal fills the air as we meet.  Her onslaught is horrendous and I refuse to give any ground as she swings and slashes, parries and thrusts.  The ground shakes as she throws herself mercilessly against me.  Over and over the tigress attacks.  Over and over this fox holds his ground.  Our commanders pull the remaining troops back as the battle ensues.  Our endless dance continues.
My body screams in agony and exhaustion but I dare not give.
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Yuri 1: A New Beginning
The rain falls, soaking my clothes and causing them to stick to my wet fur.  I stand staring at the valley lying before me.  Holding so still that even the creatures of the forest treat me like a stone statue, only my tail twitches every so often.  I feel a small ground squirrel run across one of my paws.  The rain doesn't bother me nor do my wet clothes or fur.  I am a soldier trained from birth, a warrior of unwavering loyalty, noble by birth, betrayed by my brother.  I am Yuri Bloodfang, sole survivor of Clan Bloodfang and the last of my kind.  I am a Great Cat and I am alone.  Only my blood oath to my father compels my actions.
A lightning flash and I see my target moving along the road.  His cadre of bodyguards marches in unison around him.  My brother believes he now rules this country.  He is wrong.  Without a second thought I grip the scabbard of my katana and
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Mature content
Phoenix 3: Back In Action :iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Phoenix 2: An Old Flame
I wake with a start.  My heart races and my clothes stick to me, soaked with sweat.  I sit up, rubbing my face.  A cold shiver runs down my spine.  My shirt bonds to me and pulls my hair as I yank it over my head.  It lands with a wet splat on the floor.  I stand and peel my pants from my legs.  The rest of my clothes prove just as difficult to remove and they all fall on the pile.  I grumble as I pull the soaked sheets from the bed.  Thankfully the mattress doesn't absorb liquids.  Everything piles up.  I leave it for later and hit the shower.
The water feels wonderful as it washes away the sweat on my body, the heat arousing me as I think of Alex and Val.  So enjoying the shower, I don't hear the door open.  I jump as I feel hands on my back.  Sandy stands behind me, her boldness evident as she tries to reclaim some of my good graces.
"I thought
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
Phoenix 1: From The Ashes
"We're approaching our destination, Master," the feminine feline voice calls over the intercom.
"On my way."  I toss the datapad on the table and stand up, stretching my arms and legs.  The door silently opens as I approach.  The hum of the engines reaches my ears as I step into the corridor.  I turn and follow the passageway through the bowls of the ship, taking my time before I reach the bridge.
I stand in the hatchway and look at the viewscreen.  Stars fly by in a colored blur as we move faster than light.  My girls are at their posts, each dressed however she desires but all wear the black collar denoting their status as slaves.  I do not like the slave trade but can't afford to free them either.  So I'm stuck with four of the best crew I've ever known.  Each trained for certain tasks.  Alexandria, a canine, the ship's doc.  Also the science expert.  Sandra, a fel
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0
A Dream
"So what's on TV tonight?" I ask myself as my hand picks up the remote control.  The brown recliner groans as I plop into it as I've done so many times before.  "Yuck, I hate Friends... Seinfeld..." The remote clicks beneath my fingers as I surf from one channel to another.  Over and over.  Nothing of interest comes on.  I pause on one channel, "The Enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy not only your body but also your spiritual self!"  Religious freak.  ~Click~  "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEE!"  Boxing works.  I watch as the opponents come out from the walkways.  Some big brown bull climbs into the ring.  His metallic blue robe slips from his broad shoulders revealing the same metallic blue of his shorts.  A clydesdale enters the ring wearing red.  The hot bikini-clad bunny struts around the stage holding up the big number 1.  "Now
:iconyuri-bloodfang:Yuri-Bloodfang 0 0


Sensational Feelings 3 by Silver-Vulpine
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